Zac Efron Hairstyle Transformation

Zac Efron quite likely keep his hair straightened with a hair straightener for his side fringe. He has actually natural wavy hair so it is impossible to have such straight fringes without using a straightening iron to change the hair texture. So if you don’t have naturally straight hair, make sure you have recommended hair straightener to recreate such side fringe. Efron is known to have dark wavy hair which is kept short to a medium length but his hairstyles have varied over the years from messy to side fringe hairstyles. He has slowly cut his hair shorter as his career increases. Here is list how Zac Efron hairstyle has changed from time to time.

Zac Efron: 2011 Golden Globe Presenterzac efron buzz cut hairstyle

Long side fringe

Zac Efron hairstyle is turned into a long side fringe as he grew his mop top and makes it to look similar to an EMO hairstyle. He kept the side fringe layering most of his temple and kept the hair on the top of his head lengthier

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Zac Long hair

At some point on his carrier, Zac Efron wore long hair at about jaw length. He is planning to have a long hairstyle next year but it needs at least an extra year to reach such long length. He is an example of an actor who has some good tresses as he has nice hair that is easy to style. To recreate the Zac Efron hairstyle, apply hair products to damp hair and brush with fingers to shape.

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Regular side part

The side part or a side swept cut is one of Zac Efron hairstyle lists that he had worn in his Hollywood carrier. As a classic style for men, a regular side part can change Efron’s look into a more serious and mature man.

zac efron hairstyle 2014 Actor Zac Efron filming New Year's Eve

Mop Top

Zac Efron hairstyle was a mop top when he started in Hollywood although he previously wore a bob cut. Paired with fringe, his mop top had made Efron became a teen idol. This hairstyle looks similar to Justin Bieber’s hairstyle and this had made him to become a teen idol with his fringe.

zac efron hair

Brush up

Celebrities like Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, and Zac Efron had made the brush up into popular. Getting bored with the Zac Efron hairstyle of side part, he experimented with messy and the brush up hairstyle. You can achieve a brush up style as long as you have a good hair dryer to avoid burning your hair.

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