Very Cute Medium Hair Styles That You Should Wear

There are lots of options of hairstyle that may suit your face shapes and hair textures. You can have cute bob or cute pixie, but why do not you try cute medium hair styles to look forward to. Whatever type of hair you have, straight, Curly, thick, fine, there are definitely something to fit your look. Get inspiration from these beauties.


Wondrous Waves

Show up the girly lady in you with these exciting, flirty and cute medium hair styles.

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Part your completely dry hair starting from the bottom. Spray a thermal hair protectant and use a 3 barrel waver starting from near your scalp. Clamp down hair and hold for just around 5 seconds. Finish through the entire section of hair. Don’t brush hairs with fingers or brush or your waves will not be defined. Secure with a medium hold hairspray. Any face shape and fine hair look great and full.

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Tousled Tresses

These cute medium hair styles feature softly tousled tresses. During the day when working at the office, wear this style, then at night you are ready to rock and roll by slipping on your stilettos and little black dress. Hair that hasn’t been newly washed looks better for this style. Spray dry shampoo at the roots and rub lightly your scalp to absorb any excess oil and add volume.

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Tangle free hair with a wide tooth comb through your hair. Part hair starting from the bottom and use larger curling rod. Take small part of hair and use the curling rod from the root. Continue to the top. Apply finishing cream throughout the hair to detangle the curls. Manipulate the hair with fingers into the shape you desire. Finish with a medium hold hairspray. Any face shape and hair type suit these styles.


Grecian Goddess

These hot braids are easy and cute medium hair styles. With a gorgeously braided headband, get the look of romantic, soft waves. For a little extra spark, add an elusive piece of ribbon. Spray hairspray lightly to completely dry hair. Part and clip the front piece for braid. Wrap around a curling iron starting at the bottom. Continue to the rest of the unclipped hair.

medium brunette hairstyles

Then braid hair section starting from either temple. Tie the piece of ribbon to the section of hair. Make a typical 3-thread French braid from the piece of ribbon. Tie the ends with small elastic when you reach the other temple. Bobby pin the end of the hair. Apply finishing cream and Mist with holding hairspray. Oval and round faces and any hair type look best with these hairstyles.

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