Truly Cute Hairdos For Medium Hair

Whether you have Curly, straight, fine, or thick hair, there will definitely be cute hairdos for medium hair to fit your preference. You can wear cute bob like Karli Kloss or even pixie like Emma Watson, but can always find medium length hairstyles that you can try. Get inspiration from these beauties for your following visit to salon.

cute-formal-hairstyles-for-medium-length-haircute braids for medium hair cute buns for medium hai

Bangin Curls

Anyone could rock this look of full, soft bang with beautiful curls. Apply volumizing foam all over clean, damp hair for weightless volume. Get even distribution with comb gently. Use a small round brush when blow dry the bang area frontward. Dry the rest of the hair smooth using a medium size round brush. Curl sections with a curling iron for about 5-6 seconds after hair is completely dry starting at the bottom until you reach the top of the ears. Apply styling oil and gently scrunch the curls to soften the set without breaking it up entirely. Apply more oil lightly over any stray hairs. Mist with a light to medium hairspray to hold style and doesn’t make the hair stiff. Oval and long face shapes with any hair type work well with these cute hairdos for medium hair.

cute hairdos for medium hair length cute hairdos for medium hair easy

Feline Flip

You can wear these sexy yet sweet cute hairdos for medium hair from day to night. Apply your clean, damp hair with a thickening gel. Dry hair beneath with a small sized round brush until you reach the tips then flip aloft. Run a smoothing iron over the tips of completely dry hair in an upwards motion. Apply pomade through the tips of hair to give some hold and accentuate the texture. Round and oval face shapes and any hair types look fabulous with this style.

cute-curly-hairstyles-for-medium-hair-pictures-3568-x-852-54-kb-jpeg-xcute hairstyles for medium hair in the summer cute hairstyles for medium hair in a ponytailcute hairstyles for medium hair easy

Bold And Beautiful

These stunning cute hairdos for medium hair feature a smooth braid in the bang with some capacious curls. Section out and Clip aside the front area of dry hair for braiding. Spray a thermal protectant and curl sections at the bottom of your hair using flat iron. Pull straight out and start to rotate your wrist from the head to create a “ribboning” effect. Continue to the rest of the hair except the clipped hair. Brush the clipped hair forward for the braid. Let the hair fall as close to the eyebrow as you can. Create a standard 3-strand French braid starting from whatever side you want. Secure with clear elastic when the braid is finished. Use bobby pin to secure the braid to the side. Also use a tiny claw clip to secure in place. Make sure to hide the pin or clip. Mist with a medium hairspray. Any face shapes and hair types can wear this style.


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