Trendy Black Celebrity Hairstyles

Black celebrity hairstyles always become the inspiration for all people in the world. That is understandable because celebrities are popular persons that following the current trends. Of course, every of them will do anything in order to be different in their fans’ eyes. Let us take an example from Rihanna. This black woman celebrity is always getting different hairstyles in her performances whether a video clip or live shows. It is important for them to follow the trend because they want to be different in every occasion and their fans will try to adopt the style obviously. Let see those trendy hairstyles which adopted from black celebrities all over the world.

black celebrity bob hairstyles 2014

Halle Berry

Who does not know these black celebrity hairstyles? For your information, 2013 was the year when she had prettier hairstyle ever in her career. With short haircut, she showed black tone hair color. Moreover, she also added some brown highlights which suitable with her skin. This hairstyle can be your inspiration. If you have long hair for long time, this is the correct time for you to make a change with a short and black color just like Halle Berry. It is necessary to look from a different view. This hairstyle offers fresher looks and sexier from any angle of view.


Roshumba Williams

As having trendy black celebrity hairstyles, Roshumba Williams is very enjoying every moment of changing her hair. For now, she enjoys her pixie haircut with black color tone. Likely, this year is full of black hair obviously. You need to know that black offers natural look especially for black women. Do not be afraid to choose this hair color besides of blonde or golden hair. Moreover, black pixie cut gives you hottest appearance ever in your life. Besides of the trend, black pixie hair can be your alternative style for your busy days. This style has no special treatment after all.

black celebrity hair 2014

Naomi Campbell

She looks gorgeous with her bob hairstyle. That is why we placed this style as one of the black celebrity hairstyles for today. Her bob offers hot and smart appearances for this actress. Yeah, 2015 is full of short hairstyles such as bob and pixie. Women try to move out from their comfort zone with long and straight hair obviously. We should appreciate this by using short haircut too in order to follow the modern hairstyles for sure like Naomi Campbell. This stylish hair can be obtained by asking your hairstylists and showing them her photos.

black celebrity haircuts 2014


We cannot deny that when we are talking about trendy black celebrity hairstyles without this popular singer. Her latest hairstyle shows us that fauxhawk haircut is very elegant for black women. You can see how confidence she was in her pose to the paparazzi at the moment. With brown highlights and a little bit blonde, her style was completely elegant with white dress. We are salute with her style at the moment because she bravely showed her dark tone with contrast color of dress. Not all of celebrities are brave as her these days.

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