Trendy And Spectacular Angled Bob Hairstyles

As popular hairstyles go, the angled bob hairstyles have returned to its trendy state. It has numerous styling preferences and works fine for most hair types. You can try abundantly of ways to put an exciting twist on this new-found classic style at its least dressed up point even it is one of the most stylish hairstyles.angled bob cut hairstyles angled bob hairstyles 2014

The Flipped Out Fox

It is very easy to create these angled bob hairstyles. You will have a new, updated twist on your daily bob with just a few minutes and a flat iron. Smooth hair out using either a flat iron or a round brush after washing.

angled bob hairstyles curly hair angled bob hairstyles for curly hair

Grab small hair sections and bend the ends of the hair up with a flat iron. Mist with a light finishing spray to polish off style. All hair types and long faces are flattering with this hairstyle. When using flat iron, don’t let it get too hot. Do not do much smoothing; avoid the heat up extra high.


The Vintage Vixen

You can get a vintage feel with these angled bob hairstyles. There are plenty of updo options to style an angled bob not just worn down. Secure with a bobby pin the front sections of dry hair on any side behind your ears. Use curling iron on the remaining hair. Pin up the curls on the back of your head at random if your angled bob is on the lengthier side. You do not need to pin your short hair up as they are short enough.

angled bob hairstyles for round faces

The Banged Up Bob

Transform your regular angled bob hairstyles with Straight across bangs with something remarkable. Try these bangs to get a new look or add something different.

celebrity angled bob hairstyles angled bob hairstyles photos

Do not do this on your own, ask your stylists to make straight across bangs. After washing your hair, blow dry with a paddle brush to smooth out bangs. It is best to style bangs on wet hair. Smooth out the bangs with Flat iron. Apply serum to create smooth, sleek bangs. You can hide your elongated forehead with bangs.


The Loose Curled Lass

You can add lots of volume and movement to your angled bob hairstyles and frame your face amazingly. Brush or paddle brush dry hair. Grab small sections and curl every section with curling iron. Give a flawed look by combing with fingers through hair. Spray a light holding spray to complete. This hair style work well with any hair type and most face shapes by soften any sharp edges.

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