Transformation Of Miley Cyrus Hair Color And Style

As one of the most famous, youngest, stars in the US right now, you can often see news of Miley Cyrus in the TV. One thing you can notice about Miley is how she always transforms her hairstyle almost every month. One day she looks great with brown, long, thick hair.

miley cyrus chestnut hair color (2) miley cyrus chestnut hair color

Sometimes she wears a few lighter color hair extensions to balance her natural color. Miley Cyrus hair color ofbrown, long, luscious, thick, and rich is great because she is very young and bold. She is even brave to wear a very drastic cut. This drastic cut includes the change of the hair color.

miley-cyrus-brown-hairmiley cyrus hair color in 2010

Miley’s Modish hairstyle

Miley Cyrus hair color and hairdo changes can be seen almost every month in the magazine or the blog. There is always something new about her at least every week. The most recent cut she wears is the shorter chin length cut with platinum color that she posted in her Instagram. Although many fans did not like her new look, Miley did not care about it as her father support her. This new hair was done by Miley after she cut her long from long brown, wavy, thick hair.

miley cyrus hair color formula miley cyrus hair color 2013

The hairstyle was done by leaving her natural brown in the top through the bangs and add sort of lightened the ends which is very ombre to the overall look. She looks absolutely amazing with it. She makes sure keeping the tone of the blonde warm to match her warm skin tone. It was also done to her long hair by keeping the browns warm that was work with her. So if you like Miley Cyrus hair color and style do not just stop at the color but also try her fun haircut. Try cutting your hair short and consult to your stylist choosing a great change.

miley-cyrus-light-brown-hairmiley cyrus hair color in 2011

Miley Cyrus’s a voluminous bob and a center part.

This Miley Cyrus hair color and style is elegant and stylish. Begin applying damp hair with a handful of volumizing mousse and use a large round brush when blow dry every two inch sections at a time. Get volume on top by teasing hair at the root. Mist styling spray onto a two-inch section of hair and curl the lower portion with an extra-large curling iron. Hold a few seconds in iron to create the curl and then release. Repeat all process to the front sections in the direction to your face. Comb through hair with a wide-toothed comb toward the curl to blend into rolls.

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