Top Men Hairstyle Ideas

In this modern era, hairstyle can be  a trend that can’t be separated form human, whether it be male or female. They need a good look for their daily activity. One of main focal point on the human is hairs.  A hair becomes  the first human side that is always commented by someone else.  There are some trendy men hairstyle ideas to strengthen your look to look more awesome. Here are some men hairstyle ideas with some related pictures. Hope that you can inspire it all.

Spiked Hairstyle


Spiked hairstyle doesn’t mean gothic. You can make your hair looks fuller and cool by having spiked hairstyle. Spiked hairstyle includes as the men hairstyle ideas which works perfectly for those with thick hairs. Nevertheless this men hairstyle doesn’t work well for those with thin hair or even bald. Spiked hairstyle can be worn for formally,  at campus or office. There are two types of spiked hairstyle for men viz. Gothic spiked hairstyle and formal spiked hairstyle.  The second type is recommended for you who want to look handsome with spike but aim for formal events.


Sports may be interesting for everyone. Sport hairstyle can work for those with thick or thin typically hair.  You can follow the Christiano Ronaldo’s hairstyle. He wears sport hairstyle and we know that his hair is not too thick but he is handsome enough wearing it in every occasion. For straight coarse hair, you can  try a layered razor cut.  A surfer cut perfectly works well for wavy curly hair. Just  finger style these cuts, it was so easy. Even If you want to have a mix look between  stylish and sporty, grab the faux hawk hairstyle.  Keep your hair putty handy to offer it that nicely defined middle spike, so cool and handsome, isn’t it!