Top Hairstyle for Balding Men

Many people assumed that baldness is often caused by aging. However, guys pattern baldness is actually quite common and even it is also experienced by many younger guys as well.  These affliction is nothing after men styles and fashion offer you with abundant hairstyles that can be tried by balding men. Don’t worry about your bald because it would never reduce your handsomeness.  Now we give you some hairstyles for balding men with pictures to inspire you all.

 Hairstyle for Balding Men

hairstyle for half bald man

Faux Hawk

First hairstyle for balding men needs to try is a Faux Hawk.  It is not too extreme for you especially if you want to look so confident. Try a more subdued version for  this style. Hope can work so well. This hairstyle is clipper trimmed close to the scalp all around the back and the sides, make it shaved  so neatly around your ears. The center of hair on top of the he can be cut about 3 inches length.  Ask for a hairstylist to comb the longer section up and forward and finger style to create  a spike in the hairlines.

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Comb Over

Instead of Faux Hawk, another best hairstyle for balding men is a comb over. This is the best hairstyle for balding men that can be created when you have enough  thick amount of hair on the back and on the sides of your head,  so try creating a comb over hairstyle to look so cool and masculine. Beside that, you can also cut the back and sides of the hair, at least on the thicker side you still leave the top layer,  make it just few inches longer may be sucessfully.  Additionally, you can comb the long layer of the hair sideways over  you r head to conceal the bald patch.  If necessary, you can still using a hair gel  to adhere the hair to your head and for cool look.

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