Top 3 Short Hair Styles for Women

Today, you will be look more exciting than before with our top 3 short hair styles for women. You know that short hairstyle become globally nowadays and it has also hairstyles as many as long hair. Short hair become the most picked hair because of its simplicity and saving much time when you style them properly. Here we go!

Sexy side parted wavy bob hair style


If you want a chic and girly hairstyle, you can try this hairstyle with adding some wavy bob hair. That is why we put this on the first of top 3 short hair styles for women.You will have long fringe with sexier look than before, thanks to the side parting.

short hairstyles back

It also accentuates them to define check bones perfectly.  Instead of side parted advantages, this style also gives you some width and volume at your cheek level and makes some balance foe long face shape. Wavy here also give you some volume if you have thin hair.

short hairstyles blonde (1)

Short Ombre Hair

This style is one of the favorite short hairstyles in the early of 2015. As stated before, waves will help you to get some volume for thin and fine hair. It looks so natural and visually you will have thicker lock illusion. In addition, short layers at the back will give you density and straight hair would become wavier with this style.

short hairstyles blonde (2)

Short Blonde Pixie

Now, you will see the most picked hairstyle in 2015. This is the best short hairstyles for women nowadays. Pixie would be more interesting if you style it with blonde color.

short hairstyles blonde (3)

You will have long fringed which touching your eyelashes and make a sexier and casual appearance. The black highlight helps you to add some color dimension. That is one of the reason why this Pixie become so popular now in hairstylists.

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