Top 3 Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

Every single of women has endowed special or extraordinary hair. It is not with exception of black women. They have special hair type which is very able to be styled with plenty of hairstyles such as Mohawk.

alternative mohawk hairstyles

Mohawk is a hair style which identically with men or boy hair but women can uses this style if they want to be looked different than before. This style is also appropriate with any event, casual and informal event. Thus, we will prepare top 3 of Mohawk hairstyles for black women below of this paragraph.

Extra Short Mohawk


If you want elegant style, just make it extra short than usual Mohawk. This is the number one of Mohawk hairstyles for black women. There is no reason why black women look perfect with Mohawk.

braided mohawk hairstyles natural hair

It looks like naturally order from the God to give this style for black women. Therefore, you can use extra short Mohawk as you signature style.The cut is closely with your skin at the sides segment. While, the back should be edgier but not too reach the nape of your head. This style is perfect with oval faces.

Curly Mohawk



Besides of black skin, black women also has endowed natural curly hair generally. So, why you are not combine this curly with Mohawk? The result is not as bad as you think, girl. This hairstyle is loved by African American women because they should not fight with the curly hair structure instead to use it as signature hairstyle.

Mohawk Updo

mohawk afro hairstyles

Can see the Rihanna hair style? That is what our mean with one of these top Mohawk hairstyles for black women. She had fused Updo retro with Mohawk style. Thus, she was looked catchier with classy but modern hair style. This style is ideal for casual and formal event such as bridal moment.

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