Top 3 Cute Hairstyles for Round Faces

Cuteness is a part of women life in this entire world. They always have cuteness whether inside of their body or outside, it depends on how many efforts that they do to make over their looks and hairstyles. We have top 3 cute hairstyles for round faces exclusively just for you who have a problem with your round shape.

Sleek Straight Long Hair


The first style of cute hairstyles for round faces cannot detached with long hair. Here, we give you sleek straight hair because you need its dimension to manipulate your roundness of face. Sleek straight is able to make face framing effect without adding so much hair volume especially on your cheekbone area.

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You can create the illusion of length with this hairstyle. The best fit of sleek straight long hair is for fine hair type. It would be voluminous because of its ability at the crown with teasing and shaping effort.

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Long Hair with Layers

The second hairstyle of cute hairstyles for round faces is still for long hair. In addition, you adopt the short hair secret of adding volume. Yes, layers will help your face line more sharpened and deeply focusing your focal point at your middle face.

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Even though you have curly hair, the layers must not be exactly on your chin because they will show up your roundness instead of elongating effect and this is a bad idea. The main function of layer here is to give you oval face and cover your roundness.

Middle Parting


Last but not least of cuteness that you can provide from your round face and long hair. This is a smart strategy to cover your roundness and give you more oval face shape and exactly cuteness. Slimmer look would be an additional benefit of middle parting here. Just divided your hair into two segment on your middle head.

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