Top 2 Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Short hair identically with rebellion because you have across the women’s nature that always has long hair. But, it is also giving you a change of your appearance, right? Thus, getting short hair in this modern epoch is fine due the global change of fashion. If we talk about short hair, it cannot be separated with inverted bob hairstyles. This style is similar with graduated bob, but the different is shorter than it. This hairstyle suits with any type of hair such as curly and straight hair. The characteristics of inverted bob are that have infused bangs and highlights. For exact examples, we show you the top 2 inverted bob hairstyles below.

Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob


inverted bob haircut for long faces inverted bob haircut rear view

Who does not know this woman? She is a popular artist long time before married with David Beckham. She always uses inverted bob in any events that she was attended. She looks like very comfortable with this style because suited with her diamond faces. You can adopt her style if you have similar face shape. The most important thing is that the front fringes are longer than back hair. Even the back hair is very short and showed your neck, it is fine.

Paris Hilton Inverted Bob

inverted bob hairstyles 2014 inverted bob hairstyles for curly hair inverted bob hairstyles for fine hair

The next artist who always shows up with her inverted bob hairstyles is Paris Hilton. This controversial artist always comes with her blonder color hair and looks sexier with her bob. However, she also conducts some bangs experiment in order to get fresh look in every event. She fused side bangs, full bangs and even wavy ends bangs. Thus, she can be your inspirational artist who has inverted bob. Just do not be afraid to make a change of your current hairstyle. We do not know about the people thought about our new appearance. The important thing is that we have kept positive movement for our good-looking style.

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