Tom Cruise Hairstyle From The Mission Impossible Movie

Stars and celebrities have been known to be the inspiration for lifestyle and trend including the hairstyle. Tom Cruise is one celebrity that is known to have a good looking figure and hairstyle. Known as having boyish good looks, many popular hairstyle trends for men came from him. His stylish character and good looks makes lots ladies watching his each move. Learn how to make Tom Cruise hairstyle including how to style your thin hair. Prepare your blow dryer and color to get the look.

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This Tom Cruise hairstyle features a contoured shaping with neckline over the collar and ears stylishly, and tapered sides. Cut short the crown to stand up for a full look with a few locks dropping through the temple. Those with large facial features like Tom’s and most face shape with thin hair will get an overall thicker look with this shapely head turning-hairstyle. You can easily discover the ideal shape and length for your style with a few tweaks as it grows.

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Styling steps

Start applying shaping gel or gel mousse as style support and create thicker look. Use either fingers or comb to brush damp hair in place to air dry. Or use a blow dryer for faster drying and a full look. When drying, apply foaming pomade or shaping gel to create a whole new identity of Tom Cruise hairstyle and a spiky tousled look.

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Sideburns can be short, long, full or narrow and can add a dramatic look or reshape a face. This simple addition will definitely add an artsy or stylish look and can make a narrow face look wider or large ears smaller. Try mid length sideburns that is perfectly fit Tom’s.

Hair Color

Apply a semi-permanent warm brown to define the shape of Tom Cruise hairstyle color. It hides the gray away and adds style support. your fine hair get an over all thicker look and hide the gray by coloring the hair so no one know you’ve colored your hair. Touch it up every 6 weeks to maintain the re-growth. Although this additional upkeep will cost a few dollars but for all the attention and a thicker look it’s a small price to pay.

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For Hollywood tan and accessories, apply a golden tan. This addition to Tom Cruise hairstyle is best paired with a waterproof transparent skin bronzer for the feel and look of a natural tan. Wear straight legged jeans, a black turtleneck, a bomber jacket, Ray Ban aviator sunshades and you are ready to go.


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