Tips to Maintain the Hairdos for Curly Hair


What kind of hair do you have? Do you find your hair looks amazing or just vice versa? Ho

nestly, those people who have either the long or short hair needs the same level of the maintenance. It happens the same ways with the straight and also curly hair. Sometimes people think it easy that when they have straight and short hair, it means that they do not have to do the certain treatment to maintain and take care of the health of their hair. For the curly hair, people sometimes do not know what to do with their hair. Here it is, some tips to maintain the hairdos for curly hair you have.



Common Problems and Ways to Resolve Them

The most common problem of the hairdos for curly hair often relies on the dryness of the hair. Some others reasons that can make the hair becomes dry is when the hair started to hydrate and some frictions come out. Buying some cheap products may be helped but in the end the lovely looks become parched.


–          Buy sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate will make your curly hair becomes harsh and annoying. That is why when you are going to buy some shampoo in the grocery, you need to make sure that the shampoo is in the sulfate-free.

–          Apply conditioner

If you want to have the perfect hair, there is no simple way that you can do the simple thing to make it more shining and more perfect. After choosing the shampoo with the sulfate-free, you need to apply some conditioner to make your hair becomes smooth and also shining. Applying the conditioner may take some time, you can do some massage into your head, then you can comb your hair either by using a hand or by using a comb.


–          Use microfiber towel

In order to dry your hair from the conditioner and the shampoo, you will need a towel to help you do that. However, people may not notice that the terrycloth towel can turn your hair becomes rough. You may not notice it but after you dry your hair, you will find out that your hair is no as same as the hair you do the conditioner. Using the microfiber towel seems to resolve your problem occurred.


–          Use sateen pillowcase

The last way to save the hairdos for curly hair relies on the sateen pillowcase. Pillow is the place you will lay your head on for about 8 hours in a day. Sateen material can be the smooth one to choose.

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