Timeless Classic Prom Curly Hairstyles

This year, curls can be one of the most appreciated styles at prom whether adding little coils with a curling iron or coming up with natural curls. Browse this collection of prom curly hairstyles that some feature natural movement while others are perfect for those who need a little additional help for prom.

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The Tousled Topsider

Those with naturally curly hair bring a breeze instant classic with these prom curly hairstyles. It removes any frizz around your face making you up and out of your way. Begin with applying curl defining cream to dry hair to achieve springy, soft curls. It is best worn by those with curlier natural hair. French braid the facade section of hair. Create a French twist to secure the rest of your hair up. Or, secure hair back into a high ponytail for simple method. Exclude some curly strands around ears and hairline.

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Bobby pin the curly left out coils anywhere preferred on top of your head. Spray a finishing spray to entire hair. Naturally curly hair and a rounder face shape will be flattered by this style. Try using a diffuser on naturally curly hair to dry curls without making too much frizz. Apply the curl defining cream in wet hair and then use diffuser to get it completely dry.

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The Pin Curled Princess

Any prom dress will be complemented with these prom curly hairstyles and will make intricate makeup show up. This style will never get old that is a timeless classic. Start parting dry hair to the preferred side. Take hair back and secure letting one section out for curling. Spray a light holding spray to each section. Curl with a 1 inch curling iron to each section. keep the hair curled up in a pin curl when removing the curling iron or simply re-wind the fallen curl out a bit around your finger to create a pin curl.

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Use a pin curl clip or a bobby pin to clip and set the pin curl to your head. Done with curling all head, keep it stay like that for the amount of time from 30 minutes to two hours. Gently twist pin curl around your finger after Remove it to re shape the curl. Spray a medium holding spray on entire hair to set style and keep it looking great all night. Square face shapes and fine to medium hair are great with this style.


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