The trendiest Black Curly Hairstyles

If you have decided to choose black curly hairstyles as your style, you must be got some problems which related to your hair length. Yeah, we cannot imagine some elegance and romantic hairstyles such as braided and twists could be applicable for us. However, this kind of hairstyles offers different things for us. If you do not know yet, you must read this article until the end. I will talk about curly hairstyles which very suitable for black women all over the world. We know that curls limit us to be more in hair styling. So, prepare your curls and fight the world confidently girls.

african american curly short hairstyles


First of all black curly hairstyles; we will talk in deep about afro. Afro is a hairstyle which consists of so many curls obviously. To gain this style is very easy for black women. You just grow up your natural curly hair into particular length. However, mostly people do not know the exact length. They confuse to style their hair into afro after all. Do not worry girls. Just try to make it into afro puff hairstyle. This hairstyle requires medium to length curls. Once you got the length, just make them all unite in a side. For example is all on the top. If you do not know how to do this, just remember how to do ponytail.

black curly hairstyles for long hair

Bantu Knots

The second hairstyle of black curly hairstyles is Bantu Knots. These knots are made from Bantu people. They are very well-known to make tight curls on their hair. You can use them as your inspirations easily. By using one of the knots, you will have glamorous style instantly. For example, the first step of this knots require the user to make tight curls firstly. Then, you have to unravel them all in the second step. In the end, all of your tight curls should be unwrapped and giving very good curls ever in your life.

black curly hairstyles for round faces

Spiral Curls

Thirdly, the spiral curls will make our next black curly hairstyles. For your information, this hairstyle depends on how well is your textured hair. We know that short and thick hair sometimes gives us lack of styling, right? If you give some textured style such as spirals, it will be looked well obviously. That is why it is called as spiral curls. If you still do not get it, just imagine a box braids style. The form is relatively the same with what we are talking about. Once again, you must play with your hair texture not the length or thickness.

black curly hairstyles for short hair

Tapered Style

Are you kidding me called tapered style as black curly hairstyles? Yeah, it sounds funny but it works perfectly on your curls. Just make them as your signature style and do not mess with them. By using tapered curly style, you will get natural looks for sure. Moreover, its cuteness is yours instantly. One of the best styles of tapered is Mohawk styles. With nothing left on the sides, you will be focus on your upper or top curls. If you are lacking of reference, just see Rihanna with her Mohawk in recent years ago.

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