The Most Unattractive Japanese Hair Style For Women According To Men

If you are a girl there’s nothing worse than a bad hairdo. Emma Watson is the best example of short haircut while Miley Cyrus is not. If this happen to you, you will spend couple of months wearing hat. But you will also have to remember that sometime when you step out of the salon feeling amazing, your boyfriend might hates your new hairstyle. If you’re staying in Japan, make sure you know this unattractive Japanese hair style beforeyou have your hair done.

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Very short haircut

Many men think this Japanese hair style makes a girl’s head look oddly large. If an unattractive girl wearing this hairstyle, she will look like a man. Avoid this hairstyle if you realize you are not beautiful. This style will turn off for men as they do not want to have the same hairstyle as their girlfriend. It is extremely hard to pull off and a very bold style. These ultra-short locks require women to have the perfect face shape and features to look attractive.

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Straight bangs

Many girls think straight bangs make them look unique but most men didn’t think it looked good at all. If you are men, tell her before she cut her hair with straight bangs. Many Japanese men feel girls are making too much effort when they get their bangs cut very straight. If thick, straight bangs are worn by a girl with a chiseled face she will look like a Japanese doll. This Japanese hair style is made long and straight bangs that they completely cover eyebrows. Although the cut is very popular in Japan right now, many men hate it. The men think girls with this hair are hiding their secret in those long frontal locks. This style turn off Japanese men as it make girls look like a doll.

japan shortjapanese hairstyle with chopsticks

Bob haircut

This cut isn’t flattering on a girl according to some men. A girl with black hair wearing a bob hairstyle reminds Japanese men of a kappa. Kappa is a fairy-tale creature with a bowl-haircut with totally bald in the inner of the head. This Japanese hair style with helmet head, shorter hair looks unattractive on ladies. Although this cut is popular in the Western world and Japan, many Japanese men hate it.

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The kappa is related with being unattractive or ugly making a complete turnoff for Japanese men. They do not want to date a smelly green river imp.