The Most 5 Applicable Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

Updating hair into weave hairstyles for black women can be enjoyable because the result is very satisfying. Those hairstyles are applicable for any woman in the world for sure. We do not have only one or two, but five trendy weave styles based on some black celebrities in the world such as Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Beyonce and many more. I believe you will get what you really need for your hair. Weave hairstyle is a hairstyle that forms wavy style. It does not matter you have long or short hair because the weave can be done easily in any type of hair. However, it does not completely make curls. For black women, it is very easy to make weave because their natural hair is curly.

best protective weave styles for natural hair

Mid length waves

We start our weave hairstyles for black women today with mid length weaves. This hairstyle is very sensational for women such as Beyonce obviously. For your information, this style requires variation on the hues in order to make up the weave. The color choice is actually depending on your favorite one. However, I prefer to use caramel or blonde hair color because that is the current trend of 2015. You can add some highlights if you want to increase your confidence. Remember, this weave style suits for mid length hair only. If it is too long or too short, it will not be going worked. The formula is combining the lighter and bold tone of highlights.

black weave hairstyles for natural hair

Long Tousled bobstyle

The second one is long tousled bob hairstyle. Yeah, it is totally tousled as same as its name. That tousled hair is what we are going to say as the weaves actually. As your inspiration, you can see Kerry Washington who modifies this style with her cute bangs. It looks suitable for heart shape of face just like this sensational celebrity. Moreover, the length of appropriate hair for this style is long hair. One mistake that usually happens alongside this long bob weave style is on the bangs part. You must trim them all with your face shape for better result.

bob weave hairstyles tumblr

Glamorous and Long

The next one of weave hairstyles for black women is a glamorous and long. Actually, long hair type is not recommended for long and curly hair. Thus, we trick it up into wavy style obviously. For example for this style, you have to slow down the curls into weave or you will not get your face shape. If you have ever seen Kelly Rowland, she was ever using this hairstyle. She used side-parted her hair on the top and let the weave filling her bottom-part of hair over her shoulder. Yeah, the long hair women could try this one because it increases the volume and gives maximum style.

curly weave hairstyles with bangs

Blonde Curls

This one of weave hairstyles for black women is totally blonde and curls just like Rihanna ever did. As long as curls represent weave hairstyle, it is always understandable why black women love to make her hair into curly hair. That is their nature and suitable for their face shape after all. This hairstyle is offering casual and elegant appearance such a night party or outdoor wedding. Moreover, blonde highlight will help people to notice your existences in the party. Therefore, you can be attractive with blonde and curls hairstyle obviously. For example, Rihanna blends her blonde and curls hairstyle with smoky eye makeup.

nice weave hairstyles tumblr

Sweeping your side fringe

Last but not least, the sweeping your fringe is our last weave hairstyles for black women. Yeah, you have to side parting your fringe to gain the weave properly. You will gain very elegant hairstyle ever especially if you have heart face shape. The only requirement is to get some length first on your hair. After that, do the side-parting on your fringe which has already been swept before. Lastly, comb your hair around your forehead across the upper hair. Hair spray and anti-frizz products will keep it for long last. Maintain the looseness of your hair to gain natural look.

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