The Impressive Braids Styles for Long Hair

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If you are curious about the latest hair fashion in 2015, you need to know that braids are the parts of the latest hair fashion that can make your performance looks hip, chic, and awesome. Some braids are divided based on the style you want to update to. It could be the waterfall braid, the fishtail braid, and the common tree-strand braids. Although these are the popular braids styles for long hair, you can be creative by making the new and different braids styles to be the hair trendsetter as well. Learning on how to make different styles in braids seems to be an inspiring idea.



Foxy Fishtail Braid

If you want to place your hair on one side of the shoulder and you want to emphasize of the style points, then this foxy fishtail braid should be on your trying list. This kind of hairstyle seems to be suitable when you are putting on your sleeveless dress. You can gather your hair in the ponytail in high position then you can secure it by using holder. Separating the hair into 2 sections until the ponytail is perfectly braided. The bottom of the ponytail can be doubled then you can apply some spray to make it lasts. It suits the people with thick and long hair with oval shape of the face.



Beautiful Bombshell Braid

It is one of the impressive braids styles for long hair but people will think of this style as the simple but cute style. It looks natural but at the same time it grabs the people’s consideration. It combines what people call as messy look with the modern styling way. It is often called by the people as the braid from France. This pretty and impressive hairstyle can be achieved by using the help of curling iron. After all of your hair has been curled up, you can braid it loosely and you can leave the bangs out if you wish you could have. The point of this hairstyle is to keep the hair looks messy but pretty.


Side Pony Braid

The other variety of the braids styles for long hair is the side pony braid. It underlines the romantic and also fashionable look. People may have the bangs out when they prefer to like it much better. You can start braiding the hair from one ear that you can end into the other side of the ear. If you cannot handle the hair that has been braided, you can help yourself by using the hairclips.

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