The Cool And Sexy Black Male Hairstyles

If you are those black men who are looking to change their look through different hair types, you should check out these black male hairstyles that will flatter your look. Shaved, short, long, fro or natural, update your hairstyle for this season which make all ladies turn their head to you.

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The ‘Fro Hawk

The ‘fro hawk has edgy style and is easy to maintain. These black male hairstyles are the best option when trying something a bit rock ‘n’ roll. Apply on damp hair a slightly amount of pomade for definition and shine. Gently brush hair in the direction of crown with a boar bristle brush. Let it to air dry. Any face shape and hair density look great with this hairstyle.

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Polished Fade

Polished and undoubtedly handsome is how to describe these slick black male hairstyles. The style is stress-free to keep at home and typically comes from the cut.

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Start rubbing on a bit of coconut butter to scalp and hair. The oil has a light, delightful coconut scent and is organic, cold-pressed. Then use a boar bristle brush to Brush hair forward. Any face shape and hair density would flatter with this hairstyle.

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Clean Shaven Skin

Try a clean-shaven look to thinning hair without worrying to style it. These black male hairstyles are timeless and stylish. You just need to apply a scalp moisturizer to the head. Any face shape and hair density will look amazing with this hairstyle. Use post shaves creams to healing the skin and shaving creams that help stop marks.


Short Curls

This style is stylish, hip, and extremely easy as it combines the best of both worlds which are a short haircut and natural curls. Apply moisturizer on your scalp and hair. Apply a slight curl defining crème for frizz-free hold, lightweight and let hair to air dry. Any face shape and hair density can fit well with these black male hairstyles. To re-activate the product and revive your curls, spray hair with a small amount of water to make your style to endure another day.

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Long Curls

A loose curl pattern will be great with rocking a long layered style and growing out hair. Apply an s-curl texturizer to relax your curls if you do not have these curls. Apply a small amount of gel and a leave-in conditioner on damp hair from roots to ends. Dry with a microfiber towel. Let hair to air dry. Any face shape and hair density is great wearing these black male hairstyles.

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