Stylish Mid Length Hairstyles For Women For Winter

These amazing mid length hairstyles for women for winter are collection you should check out. Whether you’re just joining a marvelous holiday party or hanging out with the girls, there is a style you can find that is perfect for you.

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Soft as Silk

These mid length hairstyles for women are simple, classy curls and are the flawless accent to any classic dress and improve bone structure. Apply towel dried hair with styling cream. Set to a medium heat setting when Blow dry hair. Add movement with a paddle brush and a wrapping gesture as you dry. Spray heat setting spray to hair. Curl with curling iron to medium-sized sections of hair. Lightly tousle once curls cool to help your style last longer. Provide touchable control and brushable hold with a soft hold hairspray. This hairstyle is great for round, oval, square and pear face shapes.

medium length hairstyles for diamond shaped face medium length hairstyles for dinner

Edgy Chic

Add a neutral or colorful clip-in accessory this winter as some flower power. Start applying towel dried hair with smoothing cream and a heat-setting spray to protect from heat. Use medium heat when Blow dry hair. Curl sections of hair with curling iron. Work your way up starting at the bottom. Tousle curls gently for a loose look. Spray a medium hold hairspray to finish. These mid length hairstyles for women are best for round, oval, pear, and square face shapes.

medium length hairstyles for double chin medium length hairstyles for everyday hair

Curl Crazy

Naturally curly hair looks rock with these mid length hairstyles for women. You can go out the door in no time with this Simple layered bob styling. After showering, remove extra moisture from hair. Apply through hair from mid-length to tips with curl control cream to tame thick curls with luxurious control. Dry curls with a diffuser about halfway to add volume. Add shine and to protect from humidity with a little medium hold hairspray. Oval, pear and long face shapes are perfect for this style. Avoid touching your locks as much as possible after you put styling products.

mid length

medium length hairstyles for male

Wavy Woman

It is all about being flirty and fun with these mid length hairstyles for women. Get tons of second peeps thanks to gleaming, healthy waves. Remove extra moisture from hair. Apply your hair with a small amount of styling cream to protect against hot tool heat and set in style. Completely blow dry hair. Create waves throughout with a triple barrel iron while spraying heat protectant prior to waving each section. Break up waves lightly then spray entire hair with medium hold hairspray. This style looks best for oval, square and long face shapes. Wear this look on hair that is shoulder length or longer for round faces.


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