Styling Guide To Short Natural Curly Hairstyles

It can bring up a lot of fear when getting great short natural curly hairstyles. Although giving you a great cut is the responsibility of the stylist, finding the precise person for the task is up to you. It is easy to be done with just a bit of effort on your part which is worth to try. Follow these simple tips to help you finding the perfect stylist.

Finding the Correct Stylist

Finding the right stylist to give you those feisty short natural curly hairstyles is by stopping ladies on the road who have pretty cuts. You should ask them the name of the stylist who gave them to great cut. Make sure they give you not just salon names but also the names of stylists. Create schedule for a free consultation with the stylist. It is not enough asking the stylist whether they have had a lot of practice styling curly hair or not. Ask out a few apparently innocent questions that will help you get rid of possible catastrophes.

You may ask them innocently if they want to give you a razor cut as a bulk of frizz are definitely caused by the use of razor and thinning shears on curly hair. Leave them if they agree to use that method. Avoid a stylist who would insist on using a flat iron on or round brush all curly cut. Ask if they’ve had any advanced, specialized teaching as dealing curls is not educated in basic cosmetology class. It is a good sign if your stylist has nice curls. Another good sign is if the stylist has learned about curly hair cutting in advanced classes. Make a little research on your part such as using Yelp for finding a qualified stylist to deal your short natural curly hairstyles.

Getting the Best Cut

Short natural curly hairstyles are best done when hair is dry. Consider to avoid stylist who will cut your hair wet although it is possible to get a great cut when it is wet. Instead of dragged straight and cut curly hair while the threads are plane between the fingers, this type of hair often needs to be chiseled as it is three-dimensional. The bounce aspect should be taken into concern when it is cut dry. If your stylist is not qualified, cutting curly hair while it’s wet can cause catastrophe as dry hair shrivels and wet hair swells and extends.

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