Spring 2017 Hair Trends, The Attractive Options

Considering that spring and summer are just around the corner, there are some ideas for the spring 2017 hair trends – and all of them look great. Some of these cuts are taken from the old and classic ideas with a new touch of refreshment while some are pretty new and fresh. If you want to look different and refreshed this year, there are some of the ideas that you can try.

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Spring 2017 Hair Trends: The Buzz

Having a short cut is okay but it doesn’t mean that you should always look boyish and masculine. In fact, some of the classic buzz cut for women can really look all feminine and classy. Remember the hairstyle worn by Sinead O’Connor? Well, Millie Bobby Brown has adopted the cut but brings it with a different platform. According to some hair experts, the cut is basically a pixie cut with a twist. Michelle Williams had the same look only with longer crown and upper area. But in Millie Bobby Brown style, everything is cut shorter but with softer edges to keep the femininity intact. This cut can be the next big thing for the refreshing spring 2017 hair trends.

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Spring 2017 Hair Trends: The Bob Slick Back

Bob cut doesn’t always have to be boring and plain. If you have been tucking the hair behind your ears, then you will like this slick back model. This cut is made popular by Kristen Stewart and you can achieve various styles with it – whether it is masculine and boyish, a casual feminine, and many more. Blow dry the top area with the round brush and use hair cream or wax on the side to keep the look flat. This style is perfect for any length and you don’t have to worry about the texture either.


Spring 2017 Hair Trends: The 70s Bardot Bangs

If you take a look at Ciara’s hairstyle, you will see that such bangs can really make a difference. No wonder if this style is considered fashionable and cool for spring 2017 hair trends. Basically, the bangs are cut into fringe and soft wispy bangs (that are over the brows). Such a style is great to frame the face in the lightest way possible and yet still retain the femininity.


Spring 2017 Hair Trend: The Textured Midlength Cut

Made popular by Rose Byrne, this cut has a square cut on the back and comes with layers – but don’t layer it too thin. It is perfect for those with thick and wavy texture. No wonder if this style is liked for the spring 2017 hair trends.

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