Smoothly Dashing Curly Wavy Hairstyles

Adding some waves is a great way to pep up your style. Your medium length hair can wear many styles not just simply for long hair, so don’t be disheartened. An easy modern twist is one style you can try including a rough, beachy wave. You easily wear some of these relaxed hairdos without the use of hot tools.

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Just add a few braids and rubber elastics and you are done. Immediately upgrade your hair to star status with classy and sophisticated vintage waves. Achieve waves by pin curls, twisty buns, braids or with a flat or curling iron with a variety of techniques. Make a statement with one of these curly wavy hairstyles whatever your style you have.

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Cranberry Fille

These luscious, bouncy curly wavy hairstyles will add some French-inspired glamor. Apply damp hair with a light hold gel to control flyaway, boost waves or curls, and add sheen to your hair. Wind small sections of hair into curls starting with the top layers and secure with pin. Carry on down the head so all hair is pinned securely. Air-dry hair or use a diffuser on a low heat until hair is completely dry. Then take away pin curl clips and gently tremble hair. Oval-shaped or diamond face shapes with medium hair look flattering with this style.

curly wavy bob hairstyles curly wavy hairstyles medium hair

Twisty A-Line

Create a few spiral waves with soft volume for fullness by upgrading your A-line Bob cut. Start applying you damp hair with a light volumizing mousse at the root area rubbing in a circular motion to lift nourished curls and waves lusciously to excellence. Use a round brush when blow dry for a smooth finish. Use a flat iron and twist hair round on the top layers only and remove for a spiral finish. Mist hair with a light hold hairspray. Diamond-shaped and oblong faces with fine hair are perfect wearing these curly wavy hairstyles.

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Boho Chica

These loose curly waves in curly wavy hairstyles add some bohemian flair that works miracles on light layers. Use a round brush when blow dry keeping smooth the crown area. Curl small sections and wrap hair using a small barrel curling iron leaving the tips out and incomplete. Keep styles in position all day by spraying with a hard hold hair spray for a firm hold allowing you to texturize and style with brush or fingers as you form hold. This product is great to gives glowing shine, secure style, and works perfectly for thermal styling. Oval or long face shapes with fine to thick hair look best with this style.