Simple Hairstyles for long hair

Simple hairstyles usually refer to the short hair. We have already known that short hair brings easiness and simplicity to be styled by ourselves. What about long hair? Yeah, that is our issue today. I will share some simple styles especially for you who have long hair. For your information, these hairstyles will cover all of your activity starts from the morning until the night. Therefore, you can easily make up your hair without any compromise because you can directly do it just for ten minutes and less. Prepare your hair and some daily hair tools like comb, band, etc.

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Beach Hippie

That is the name our first of simple hairstyles today. Based on the description, this hairstyle just took your time for two minutes and it works perfectly for you who have long hair. Keep your hair in dry temperature firstly or the form when you just get up from your sleep. The stuff that should be prepared is bobby pins in large size, light hairspray, curling iron for an inch and that is all. First of all, you just need to flip your hair and start to spray it with hairspray under your hair side. Secondly, collect your bang and use your pin to secure it. Take your curling iron and make sections in away direction of your face. You can start it from your ear level of hair. Take away your bang section and curl them down too. By using your finger, shake your hair at the neck area. Lastly, you must pin back each section that you have done before.

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Curl Twist

This is another curl twist which classified as one of our simple hairstyles. You just prepare it for five minutes only. As same as previous style, the items that must be prepared are hairspray and bobby pins only. To style it, brush your hair firstly for the bang. After that, you must secure the section with bobby pins. Thirdly, you should make low ponytail here right on the left ear. But, the section should be smooth as possible. Then, twist them up into the crown section of your hair. Remember, you must keep twisting the pony within the back side of the head. Once the left side is done, go to the right side with the same steps. Then, connect both of the twist by using pin. Use the hairspray to finish them up.

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Maximum Pony

Once again, we play with ponytail as our simple hairstyles today. Yep, ponytail is the best friend of long hair. You can keep this style as long as you want. For the last style, you must prepare a headband and elastic band here to maintain your pony. First of all, make a section on your hair starts from the left ear into right ear. Clip them up by using clips. Secondly, prepare a section that consists of two inches of crown hair. Unclip which the section that clipped before and create low ponytail of them. At last, you can place the headband right on your head.

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