Short Medium Length Hairstyles That Are Flattering Heart Face Shape

These short medium length hairstyles are great for those with a heart-shaped face. Browse for the best medium length hairstyles for heart shaped faces. The factors that make up a heart shaped face are narrow jaw lines and wide foreheads. Learn to find the solutions to equipoise, balance, and highlight your beauty.

short mediumeasy hairstyles for short medium length hair

Rich Ringlets

The elements that make these fresh and interesting short medium length hairstyles are gorgeous ringlets, deep side part, and reddish high spot. The amplification of other elements make this style exciting and in style although there are certainly no bangs or lots of layers. Part deep to one side of your hair and comb over. Apply a heat protection product to hair or shine serum all over the hair to add sheen and protection.

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Then part a lowermost section of hair out. Curl with curling iron the threads of the dropped down section up to whole section of head. Drop down another section and curl the entire head. Focus on curling the tips when curling instead of the roots to get a slicker look at the roots. You can spray a flexible hold hairspray before and after each curl to retain it smooth and secured. Heart shaped faces with Medium to thick textured hair look best with this style.

medium short

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Swept Away

A really coming back trend is the glamour styles and it is really easy to do this cute style. Add gentleness and smoothing a medium sized section rear with big ringlets flow around the edge to truly make the face pop. Descend a medium section of hair through your neck and pin the remaining of hair up to style it easier. Curl dropped down small pieces of hair with a larger barrel curling iron. Spray a flexible hold hairspray to entire curled section so they don’t look too stiff and then curl another dropped-down section.

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Continue curling your entire head. Smooth your bangs forward with flat iron. Make sure to not break up any curls, take and secure an uppermost section of hair back into pins. Try flexible hold hairspray before and after curling for softening and heat protection. These short medium length hairstyles give benefits to heart shaped faces with thin to thick textured haired. Use a curling iron with different heat settings so you can control the temperature. Set iron to low heat if you have thin fine hair so you won’t burn your hair.