Short Hairstyles for Women with Curly Hair

Women with short curly hair sometimes get difficulty in finding the right hairstyles for herself. Even though having short hair means such a freeing thing, sometimes it is not too easy to taming the fly away curly hair. Short curly hair may be the best choice for summer and winter at the same time. In summer, you are no longer need to secure your hair with elastic. In winter you simply add scarf around your neck. Then, what kinds of short hairstyles for women with curly hair to look great anytime?



For long or medium straight hair, having French braid fringe maybe fabulous, what about short curly hair? Well, it is also big OK. It doesn’t matter when your curly hair looks a bit messy, but having French braid fringe in front part of your hair are totally awesome.

Short-curly-hair-for-girls with bang

You are women who love to go with bangs? Don’t worry, your short curly hair can do it. Of course you will need some layers to frame your face. To wear this style of course you have to have oval or round face. Swipe your bangs to one side and wow, your short curly hairstyle looks better.


Try the simplest and cheapest short hairstyles for women with curly hair, which is wearing headband. You don’t even need to go to salon to make this style. Simply wear girly headband and add some bangs which is swept to one side .you are ready to go outside with full confidence.