Short Hairstyles for Naturally Curly Hair

Having curly hair is a gift. All you need to do with your curly hair is take care of it to be healthy and moisture it so it will not be frizz and dry. When you have short hair for your curly hair it will be easier to do the hairstyle but a bit difficult to maintain if you do not take care of it carefully. There are many short hairstyles for naturally curly hair that you can try.



Pixie hair cut is the first short hairstyles for your naturally curly hair. This haircut is easy to maintain, moreover, it looks awesome on curly hair. When choosing this style, your side and back of the hair will be cut into short crops while the front part of the hair is cut into bangs.



The next short hairstyle for naturally curly hair is layered hair styles with bangs in which you hair get some layers near the crown and some layers at the ends. To make the look adorable just add some side curly bangs. Other way, you can get stacked bob cut which is the back and the crown on your hair cut into layers to get stacked effect. This hair styles will adds a lot of volume to the tresses.



You can also try the romantic bobs hair for your short and naturally curly hair. With this hair style, you will get flapper look. Cut your hair into symmetrical inverted bob then add some side blunt bangs to your hair.


Ponytail always works well for any kinds of hair, even for your naturally short and curly hair. Scoop all your hair back and then tie them into a ponytail and you’re done.

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