Short Haircuts for Straight Hair

Having straight hair and bored with your long or medium hairstyle? Try the new hairstyle with new haircuts on your hair. Women must not be afraid in experiment with her hair if they want to look different and fresh brand new. If you want to easily maintain your hair, just get a short haircut for your straight hair. Straight hair is already easy to maintain, so when you decide to have short haircuts, you will get easy maintain hair and also able to add volume to your straight hair.

Here is some of the short haircuts for your straight hair;



The first is the bob cut hairstyle. This kind of haircuts have various style such as flipped bob, long bob, shingle bob, shaggy bob, A-line bob, Chinese bob and many more. You can discuss the style with your hair stylish about which bob cut style which is goes well with your face shape. The hair stylish will consider some factors like the volume of your hair, your profession, your age and many others.



The long bangs style also good for short haircuts for the straight hair. In this style, your bangs will leave long and hang on your face. When you choose to use this hairstyle, the hair stylist will need to make a side part in your hair and then run the flat iron over the hanging locks.



The third style for short hair with straight hair is the pixie cut. It is a simple hairdo which only needs a few minutes to maintain. Just avoid this hairstyle if your face shape is heart-shaped or round because if you use this hairstyle, your face will look rounder.