Short Hair Styles for Men

Some men who choose to have short hair sometimes are bored with their hair style. Actually they will not feel bored with their hair style if they know the right haircuts for their short hair style. Get the right short haircut will let them have the trendy short hairstyle. Here is some of the haircut to help the men get new short hair style;


The first is the tapered haircut style in which the hair will get the taper cut.

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The top hair will cut very short or left long enough to create a side part. Meanwhile, the sides and back of the hair is cut shorter with a tapering end. After that, simply style the hair using mousse or gel.

crew haircut

For short hair style, men also could get the crew haircut where the hair will got deep layers in the back, and a lot of bangs in the sides. The front hair will be cut shorter than the longer back side of the hair.


For younger men who love to have short hair style, they can opt for texture cut for their hair style. The texture cut, have subtle layers with the front part of the hair is left a bit long for creating the side part. You can also create spikes style in the front part for a messy look.


Create a cropped haircut by cutting the hair cropped close to the neck, all the way around the head. Left the hair at the nape with rounded edges to keep the style from looking too severe.


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