Short Hair Styles for Girls


For the girls who have many activities, it seems that having long hair is impossible to maintain, so this type of girl maybe prefer to have short hair, whether it is very short hair or medium short hair. Well, there are many hairstyles for girls who have long hair, but it doesn’t mean that girl with short hair have nothing to do with their hair. Here are some short hair styles for girls that can inspired you to keep stylish;

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The first is the simplest one which use bobby pin. Just simply part your hair into one side then add two or three bobby pin to the side of your hair, try to hide the pin with the rest of your hair to make it awesome. Next step that you can do in short hair styles for girls is by volumizing your hair using blow dryer, after that, create deep side part (don’t forget to add bangs), then take few hair on the fewer side, smooth it to the back and secure with hairpin.


You can also create twist on your hair. Part your hair into one side then twist large part in the front back and secure with hairpin. Do it to the other side of the hair. Secure both of the twist together in the back with bobby pin.


Who said that messy bun hairdo is only for them who have long hair? You can also do it with your short hair. First do a half up hairdo, then take the rest of your hair in the lower part. Pull it up into a messy bun and secure with elastic.


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