Short Hair Style 2017, Various Attractive Short Cuts

What’s the fuss about the short hair style 2017? You probably think that your short cut dooms you and really limits your option. But hear me out; there are some truly fantastic and amazing haircuts for the short hair that you can try to look great, fashionable, and stylish – and you can achieve it all without having to wait for your hair to grow back long again. So, what kind of hairstyles can you choose for such a styling?

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Short Hair Style 2017: The Flexible Inverted Style

You know that the inverted bob will always make you look good in the simplest manner. Sported and made popular by Victoria Beckham, this hair cut is sporting a shorter cut on the back (around the nape) and the longer cut on the front area. If you have a super sleek and straight hair, you can have this cut. This kind of cut is pretty timeless and it is still included in the short hair style 2017 list. If you are looking for another alternative, the short cut shown by Charlize Theron in the movie Aeon Flux can be your inspiration.

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However, if you want to have a different look and you are bored with your straight hair, why not having a slight wave for this inverted cut? Yes, you can do it and in fact it will look just great. For the example, you can take a look at the hairstyle worn by Laurel Healy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), the main character in the movie series Braindead. She makes the style effortless and yet still fashionable and stylish in such a cute and messy arrangement.

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Short Hair Style 2017: The Styles for Curly Hair

If you want to cut your hair in a bob style, you can always do it – even with the wavy and rather curly texture. No, you don’t have to straight it out first. Leave your curls alone and work from them. You can always cut the hairstyle in a choppy manner so it creates a soft messy effect. This short hair style 2017 is quite good and flexible especially for those with busy schedules. And most importantly, this haircut is pretty flexible because you can add highlights or another color to create a fashionable effect.


Another option is the very short pixie style with a quiff on the front side, creating a unique effect of the brushed up style – just like the one for the men. Consider these options for your short hair style 2017 choices so you can have fun with various cuts.
2017 short hair trends