Shades of Brown Hair Color

Having brown hair will look awesome if you know how to treat it right. Of course in this thing you have to know the right shampoo and conditioner which is good for your hair. Other than that, you can add some shades to your brown hair to looks elegant and stylish.

Well what are the best shades for your brown hair? You should choose the right color to make your looks totally different but not awful. Here are some shades of brown hair color that you can choose;


For any skin tone, the light brown or golden brown is gorgeous color to shades the brown hair. Meanwhile, the caramel brown shades is suitable for them who want a bit highlight in their brown hair to make their hair not look so dull and dry. For them who want to stay with their natural color, they can try using natural brown shades.


Auburn shades is for them who brave enough to show their playful, sensitive and strong minded character. For super short or super long hair, the combination shades of coffee and gold in light brown shades might be the best choice. Meanwhile, ash brown shades are the favorite color of Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston that must we try.



Deep dark chestnut brown shade will make your hair looks classy and elegant. Chocolate is not only delicious to consume, but chocolate brown color shades will make your hair looks ‘delicious’ too. Shading your brown hair with dark brown shade will not make you do any wrong in choosing this color. It is totally awesome.


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