Sexy Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair

For those of you who have thin hair you may feel that you have limited haircuts for men with thin hair. There are two things what thin hair mean; first you maybe have the family genes or you have much hair but it does not look very thick. You can still have a perfect style with one or more of these haircuts for men with thin hair.

long thin hair updos

Matte finish

This is the sexy style of matte finish which is completed with random texture that gives a carefree feel. First of all you can use your fingertips in order to tousle your hair at the top once you blow dry your hair. After that you have to use matte styling cream. You can finish it by using no-shine hairspray in order to support this style. This style will look great with any face shape. If you want to add thickness, it is better for you to apply a little bit of Gage for Men Grit texture powder before using the styling cream. The important key in order to style thin hair is to apply quality products and you have to know how to deal with it. You can thicken up by using products which have been designed to bulk up your hair. Nioxin is a perfect hair care products which have been designed for those who have fine and thinning hair.

medium thin hair updos

Long and short

This is the style that will look nice on those of you who have medium brown hair color. To start it, you have towel dry hair. And then, you can use a thickening serum throughout your hair. While directing the sides back, you can blow dry your hair and using your fingertips in order to tousle the top part of your hair a little bit. You can finish the step by using a matte finish styling cream.

thin curly hair updo

Cut buzz

This awesome style is a very short clippered cut on the sides with a little bit of length left nearby the front for the height. In order to style it you have to towel dry hair. After that you can use a blow dryer in order to dry the front after you lift at the roots in order to create height. You can finish it by using a high hold styling paste or gel. You can increase the length in the back of the top section by having your stylist clipper out the sides short. In order to achieve haircuts for men with thin hair you can ask to blend by using scissors in order to cut the middle and front of the top.

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