Selena Gomez Bangs: Looking Good with It

Do you want to try Selena Gomez bangs and achieve the similar good looks as the young singer? Yes, Selena Gomez is now coming with a bang after she has been sporting the same bangless hairstyle for years. It seems that she is trying to come with a new appearance as she is starting over with a fresh start. After the conflicts and everything happening to her, she is ready with the changes and she has started it with her hairstyle.

Selena Gomez Bangs 2017



Selena Gomez Bangs: The Different Hairstyle

There have been several subtle (but good) changes happening to her concerning her looks. Her jet black hair has been turned into a soft brunette with stylish highlights. And on the top of those changes, the iconic Selena Gomez bangs is becoming the talk of the city. No, it isn’t a heavy bang but instead the lighter one. It is crisp and wispy with uneven length – and yet it looks great on Gomez’ round face as her now long and wavy hair frames her face in such a soft and subtle way. Not to mention that the new brunette also looks good for her – at least it suits her complexion.

selena gomez new cut hair


Selena Gomez Bangs: Her Activities

Gomez is now busy with her tour, the Revival, but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t willing to do some experiments with her looks. The change started when she transformed her jet black hair into brunette. And to make her hair look even lighter, she cuts the hair in layers so it looks really matching with the now wispy bang. Such a change isn’t only good for her daily activities but also for her stage performance. You know that it can be a hot platform and having a wispy hairstyle can definitely help. Moreover, if you are looking for a lighter way to make yourself look good without the extra baggage, this Selena Gomez bangs will do it.

selena gomez new hairstyle


Selena Gomez Bangs: Starting out

If you have never tried any hairstyle with bangs before, you can always try a clip on. Keep in mind that not everyone looks good with the bangs. Some people may look good with the wispy bangs while some look better with the full dramatic bangs (like the Cleopatra). It is a good idea to buy some clip on and make adjustments to see how the bangs fit you. But if you have tried everything and yet it doesn’t look proper on you, then Selena Gomez bangs aren’t the perfect choice for you.

selena gomez hair short