Rugged And Modern Hairstyles For Men

Most men would think that other than short and low maintenance hairstyles will be overwhelming and require too much hair product and time for upkeep. Instead, you will find many styling options that won’t require you investing products for hundreds of dollars or getting up early in the morning. See these modern hairstyles for men and get inspired.

modern male

Messy Mop

Get inspired by James Franco to recreate the messy look. Begin styling these modern hairstyles for men by air drying washed hair. Use blow dryer and a flat brush on naturally very curly hair to soften the curls. Give a little texture with a slight of light working cream without flatten the style. Fine to medium hair with a slight wave and a small face will flatter it.

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Nice ‘n Clean

This extra clean cut perhaps one of the most popular modern hairstyles for men down to its styling ease. It is sure to please you whole day out. You almost need to do nothing. No styling or product needed for hair this short about a 0 to 2 using clippers are.

hairstyles for men with round faces (1) hairstyles for men with round faces (5)

A sharp jawline will be perfect with this hairstyle to show it off. If your hair is a bit on the thick or curly side, try Grooming Cream to eliminate frizz and keep it laying well. Ask your stylist to use trimmers or a straight razor to make thoughtful hair around hairline and straight line around the forehead.

hairstyles for men with round faces (6) hairstyles for men with round faces (7)

Altogether Undone

This style is successful worn by Zac Efron. It looks messy and undone. Start towel dry washed hair and let a little to no moisture left. You may use your day old hair. Apply a styling product throughout your hair. Create messy and Imperfection hair look. These modern hairstyles for men will fit well with round face shape and straight, thick hair. Create a little longer on top than on the sides.

modern man

Topped with Texture

These modern hairstyles for men are easy to maintain, classic and quick to style with Short on the flanks and lengthier on the uppermost. Reduce dampness of the hair with towel. Apply the holding and firmness product to the top section of your hair to give sufficiently of hold without looking too greasy when it dries.

hairstyles for men with straight hair

Run your fingers through your hair to create a messier and Spike, imperfect look. Keep side hair in place with a slight of product. Any texture of hair will suit this style. Naturally wavy or curly hair will be difficult to tame the hair on top.

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