Rihanna Short Hair Styles That Is Turning Heads

Many musicians regularly reinvent themselves such as Madonna and Lady Gaga as well as R&B sensation Rihanna. She is one of women who dare to change. Nothing is unattainable for this favorable performer from straight blonde locks to a fiery red bob and from a textured black pixie to a mop of golden-brown ringlets. Rihanna dares to take risks and then take it back to be on fashion. When it comes to hair, she is a real style chameleon. Check out these Rihanna short hair styles for product and styling advice, techniques, and recommendations.

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Creating Rihanna’s Short Hairstyle

First step to make Rihanna short hair styles is washing the hair with shampoo and condition or saturate hair with a water spray bottle to make the hair damp. Tug all hair on the uppermost of the head in the Mohawk piece and clip it out. Trim the rest of hair with a number 6 guard trimmers. Cut curving around the unclipped hair around the ear, leaving the hair drops to the upper earlobe. Create nice crisp line down from an Angled point forming a clean nice angle down. Repeat the process on the other side of the head.

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Additional Styling

After you have cut out the ears, remove the clips away and work the hair above from the back with brush. Leave 1/4 inch sections when brush hair forward, then use trimmer to cut and blend with the rest of hair. Balance the sides by moving all over the head. Get the elongated Rihanna look by pulling all front hair to the back. Divide the hair in half, brush to the rear and pick up.

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Point cut after you find guide from the back and side. You will create disconnected hair with this haircut meaning the crown hair will not line up perfectly with the sides hair. Pull toward the parallel all the hair up and cut from behind after your guide. Tug forward the bangs, and cut following a straight corresponding line. Use a paddle brush when blow dry on low temperature setting.

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Wrap dry the hair so the hair does not take up a part by design by pulling the hair in all direction. Then flat iron and pull the pieces to the back. Do this until reaching the other side of the head. Apply dry wax or gel to the hair and yank to one side of the head, taper the sides and rear of the hair with more wax or gel to make everything sets smooth and plane. And that is how you create Rihanna short hair styles.

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