Recreating Heidi Klum Hairstyles

Heidi Klum is model, mother, media star and moderator. She has a sense of style and a lot of energy that succeeds in her life and career. She came from Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany. She became a US citizen for quite a few years now. She is successful in the international show business as Ambitious young Germans thanks to her discipline of a successful business woman and creativity. She rocked an artistic segmented ponytail at the 2013 Emmy Awards. She arranges an upbeat casual style from The 3 segments. This Heidi Klum hairstyles of ponytail is fit, practical for daily events, and it can be easily twisted into an inspired evening hairdo. Here are the steps to do it.

Heidi-Klum-Long-Sleek-Center-Parted-Hairstyleheidi klum best hairstyle

How to Create the Segmented Ponytail

Recreating these Heidi Klum hairstyles is easy. Start washing your hair with shampoo and then apply to your hair styling mousse. Blow it dry. Collect your hair with a scrunchy from straight above the forehead, the side hair above your ears and the crown of your head tall in the hindmost of your head. You need to Tease the main part of the ponytail and shape the ponytail first loop with the comb.

heidi klum current hairstyle 2013 heidi klum current hairstyle

Draw out a wide thread of hair and twist around the scrunchy. Lock the end of the thread with a hidden bobby pin. At this moment collect the remaining hair into one more ponytail near to the collar hairline. Increase its volume by pull up faintly the hair from the uppermost of ponytail. Recap the step of creating the first ponytail. To finish, twist the middle of your hair around a different scrunchy below the neckline.

heidi klum haircut bob heidi klum haircut

To create more volume, pull up the hair faintly again exceeding the scrunchy. Hide a strand of hair by wrapping them around the scrunchies. Get the needed hold with hairspray. Add more sheen to your hair with extra-gloss hairspray.

heidi-klum-768_0heidi klum hairstyles bob

Many women strive for lifestyle that Heidi Klum models including her hairstyles. Chin-length or longer is what she likes to keep her hair at. Layered hairdos with full fringes, long bobs, and soft wavy hair are what we often see from her. We can also see her wearing the sleek and wet look ponytail variations, semi-updos with looped sides. But twirled hair elements updos, the full-dimensions chignon, and retro style finger waves are some of intricate Heidi Klum hairstyles. At the 2013 Emmy Awards, she showed off her 3-segment ponytail. This hairstyle features simplicity that works like magic. It gives the ponytail an elegant festive with the lofty volume.