Rebellious Miley Cyrus With Blonde Hair

On June 11, Miley posted on her Instagram a morning selfie showing off a bare face and a different color messy morning hair. The photo showed how the rebellious pop star chooses to go on the hair dying trend and washed-out it white.

miley cyrus blonde brown hair miley cyrus blonde hair 2012 tumblr

The 21 years old pop star with her former sexy on-stage performances to her bold beauty picks has to be one of the most courageous celebrities in the thrill-seeking unit. She always surprises everyone by bleaching short Miley Cyrus with blonde hair. Some fans loved her possible new style as it suits her but other loves her short, blonde hair. It suited well with her already shocking clothes she wore during her concerts.

miley cyrusmiley cyrus blonde hair bob

Instagram Post

Many stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson prefer to add extensions to their pixie cuts. But Miley Cyrus has truly encompassed her short style. The recent photos reveal how she made a refined color change to her Twiggy-encouraged style. a video posted by Cyrus on Instagram few months ago show off what looks to be a new Miley Cyrus with blonde hair. As the dark roots is going into trend right now in Hollywood, Miley Cyrus prefer with the totally ’90s color. In the Instagram post, she was seen sitting topless covering her legs with a towel as she got her hair cut.

miley cyrus blonde hair bun miley cyrus blonde long hair tumblr

In the first picture she showed off her large arm tattoo and remained covered, while her hairdresser pin Miley Cyrus with blonde hair into sections. However, in the second one, as she sits cross-legged perching on the chair her chest only remains covered with her arm. Miley and her hairstylist Chris McMillan involved scissors to create a different kind of malice. She tweeted the results three hours later about her new choppy platinum pixie cut that change her whole life. The responses vary including the bad. But she seemed enjoy with her new do.

miley cyrus blondemiley cyrus dark blonde hair miley cyrus long blonde hair tumblr

Tips To Care New Hair Color

If you have hairstyle like Miley Cyrus with blonde hair, the summer can be a hard time for your hair. The scorching, summer days at pools and beaches make your hair in harsh condition. Make sure to give extra care to your fun new hair color to keep your locks looking best for the rest of summer. Natural Oil hair mask deep conditioner contains argon oil, tea tree oil, macadamia oil extracts, chamomile oil, algae and aloe extracts that help revitalize and nurture hair that you have applied chemicals on it.