Modern And Romantic Long Prom Hairstyles

Don’t know how to wear your hair when going to prom? Learn to make these amazing hairstyles for long hair to help you look perfect for the dance floor. Show off your length or pull it back to flatter your long tresses. Draw all eyes on your big night with any style you choose with these long prom hairstyles.

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Modern French Twist

These long prom hairstyles are a combination of two surprisingly current old classics with added the fresh flower. Add volume twist the slicked back uppermost and sides into a tight French twist that moves down under chignon into a clean tucked. The result is a high fashion statement and a compact style.

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Apply a styling crème or gel to hair then backcomb up the mid-section of the rear of your head to make a decent cushion for laying the twist and chignon. Twist damp hair back to the rear mid part of your head and secure one side just past the middle with pin. Recap with the other side and roll it above the uppermost of the first layer and pin below. Create a low ponytail from all loose hair parting the tips of the twist out. Smooth hair around with hand to create the shape of preferred chignon and secure underneath with pin.

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Smooth them out in the ponytail over the hair and gather them beneath. Bobby pin to secure. Spray a firm hold hairspray shimmering shine without making hair look oily or thick and tuck flower for accessory. This style is great for round, subtle heart, Oval, or square with Medium to thick hair density and fine texture.

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Soft and Romantic

This long, rich red hair updo is classy and wistful. It is not boring in any way with the perfect and easy look. Bundle Large loose curls imperfectly off a bit to one side and keep Side swept bangs forward just as thoughtful looking as the rear. Apply volumizing and styling products to hair to protect from heat and strengthen hair. It also helps repel humidity. Use a large round brush when blow dry. Curl hair with hot rollers but avoid curling the middle of your head. Set all rollers from the middle-point down. Allow them to cool entirely. Smooth over bangs in front with a flat iron.

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Take away the hot rollers and get through the curls with fingers. Apply root boosting powder in the top for more height. Backcomb all over the crown, top, and entire rear of your head. If you have a great base, smooth out the uppermost of the backcombing to the rear. Secure the smoothed part to the lowermost and off to one side a little with bobby pin. Spread and pin the curls out loosely into the shape of bun. Let ends out, but pin them halfway down the strand if they’re too long and tucked. Mist a strong hold hairspray to hold style without causing chip or dull your style. These long prom hairstyles will flatter long, Oval, subtle square, heart, or round, and with Not too fine to thick density.


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