Medium Length Hairstyles for Round Faces


Having long hair can be a good present as it can make you look beautiful with your round faces. However, it can also be terrible if you do not know how to choose the best hairstyle to better your physical appearances. The character of thick hair is monolithic that can make your hair artificial. Besides that, if you have inappropriate hair style, it will also look motionless. Therefore, a trick to cut thick hair is needed.


Make You Cover Your Flaws

You should not cut your thick hair one length or with the same length. It will look bad and look motionless. Instead of making you look prettier, it will make you look terrible.   Graded cuts are needed to make your hair not so thick anymore. The progress cuts with shorter ones will make your hairstyles for your thick hair look more beautiful. To make your hairstyle looks more dynamic, you can have shorter length around the crown with the longer hair to nape


As thick locks usually stick out uninterestingly and look dry, you should make your thick hair smooth. You can apply the smoothing balms. Don’t choose the weak smoothing balms but the stronger ones. This will keep your hair looks smoother longer. After you get smooth look hair, you can decide the hairstyle that matches you.

medium length haircuts for round chubby faces

Medium length hairstyles for round faces with different lengths between the outer and inner layers will a little curly locks at the sides will be ideal for you with your middle length thick hair. Then, you need to blow your hair and make your curly hair away from the face.

medium length hairstyles for round faces and thin hair

Another style is having thick ends slide onto your shoulders. You can keep your thick hair to end slide to your shoulders with the curly locks at the end. To make it not too thick, have a parting at the middle and smooth the hair around the crown. Then, you style the hair cut so that the ends flip and apply strong smoothing balms to keep it look ideal.


You can also have layering straight hair locks. You can have different length hair around the shoulders. If you have round face, you can have straight bangs to perfect your look.

best mid length hairstyles for round faces

When you have thick hair with middle length, just remember that having straight parting and straight bangs will help you to avoid the uninteresting look with thick hair locks. Layered curls also help you to perfect your look with your hair style.

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