Maplestory Male Hairstyles: Video Game Inspired Hairstyles

MapleStory is a 2D, free-to-play, MMORPG, side-scrolling game developed by the Wizet, a South Korean company. Many versions of the game are released on certain countries, and published by several companies like Nexon. Although it is a free-to-play game, you can only purchase with real money from the Cash Shop to customize some character looks and gameplay improvements including personalize MapleStory male hairstyles.



In the game, you will defeat monsters travelling the “Maple World” and develop your characters’ abilities and skills as is usual in RPG. First, you can choose character; personalize including picking MapleStory male hairstyles and select class. You can also interact with other players through trading, chatting, and playing mini games.

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You can group with other players together in parties to kill monsters and share the experience points. There is no specific objective to win the game but Players can play the roles of citizens in the Maple World. They need to work on refining their characters’ status and skill over time.

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When customizing the character, you can choose hairstyles and hair color after you buy coupon from the cash shop. The hairstyles include All Stars, REG, Royal and VIP.

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These MapleStory male hairstyles can be applied to your character when you visit salon in each town. Only appropriate salon can do the hairstyle that you choose. For example, only REG salon will do the REG hairdo.


Hairstyle Lists

There are lots of MapleStory male hairstyles that you can find in the cash shop. The Allstar hairstyle include Loose Bangs, Rondo Hair, Big Point, Heavy Metal, Messy Bowl Hair, Hooligan, Pop Star Layered, Sweet Kitty, Boy Band Cut, Neat Shaggy Hair, Cute Boy Hair, Valentine Hair, Wolf Tail Hair, Tess Hair, Scoop Hair, Wild Tangles Hair, Volume Cut, Tengu Hair, Bully Hair, and Lop Ear Hair.

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The Royal MapleStory male hairstyles include Eastern Mystery, I’m the Best, Ultra-Bubble, Player, Flame, Wild Man, Top Knot, Eckhart, Maha, Young Neinheart, Ice Pop, Billionaire, Long Bowl Cut, My-Dear-Prince, Slick Shine, Crayon, Prince Cut, Sun Bleached, The Fever, Waxed, Angel Hair, Eastern Rocker, Hermes, Cutesy, Saturday Night, Layered Cut, Artistic Highlights, Shaggy Star, Sweep Back, Fop Wave Hair, One-Eye Cover, Bisk, Alpha, Ifrit, Street Smart, Nocturne, Detective, Wavy Mop, Highlighted, Midnight, Retro Romance, Spiky Bangs, Free Spirit, Macaroon, Messy Bowl, Dragon Layered, Loose Waves, Sun, Artiste Bed Head Hair, Hipster Wave, Neinheart, Overgrown, Prince Ponytail, , Tone Block, and many more.