Long Wavy Hair Styles

Bored with your straight long hair style? Well, try to have new style on your long hair, for example try to make it into wavy hair by perming your hair. Or if you don’t want to perming your hair, you can try wavy hair extension. There is some option for your long wavy hair styles, some of them are;



If you are black women which is looking for ideas for your long curly wave hair style, then you can have option to try spiral curly weave hairstyles this long spiral curls look best when left free or tied up in a half pony. You will have classy look by having your few hair strands free on the sides of your face while the rest of your hair tied in loose. You can also have bangs on your long curly wavy hair style by using sassy curls which create a magical look.



If you choose to have long straight wavy hair, you better use sleek and shiny look style for your long straight wavy hair style. You may also opt to have parted bangs hair in your long straight wavy hair to make your appearance adorable. Try bun styles; side bun or chignon with bangs on your face. In adding bangs on your long straight wavy hair you can choose for side swept bangs or center parted bangs.



When you prefer to have deep wavy layer hair styles which is look very trendy and modish for any occasion, you can go for you wave from below your ears and include uneven layers. To make a glamor look, add long wavy bangs that give you a beautiful look while they rest on your cheeks. Add also side wept bangs or center parted bangs to make your look fabulous.

You can also add some stylish hair accessories on any hair styles that you choose for your long wavy hair styles.