Long Layer Hair Styles

Having long hair with layer will make your hair look fresh and healthy. Having layered hair make your hair have more volume and make you have bounce hair. The long layered haircut is versatile and can lend you the perfect professional look and is also capable to make you look chic and classy. When you go to hair stylish and ask for layered haircut for your long hair, the hair stylish will create an illusion of your hair being thick, voluminous and flattering before cut your hair. Then what styles are goes well with long layer hair? Here are some of them;



Use back ponytail styles for your long layer hair styles. Simply tie your hair up in the back using a ribbon or elastic rubber for sporty look. You can also choose bump pony hairstyle in which you fluff up your hair by taking the front section, bulging it by lifting it from the scalp, pinning it towards the lower section of the crown. Then tie your hair up as you usually do with ponytail style.



Other style for your long layered hair is the sleek straight hair or cloaked your hair in soft wave’s style. Draw the attention of them surround you with your beautiful hair.4

5Try bun style for your long layered hair. For addition to make your appearance look adorable, simply curl up the hair strands that escape from the bun to frame your face naturally. add hair accessories to your long layered hair styles such as bobby pin or head band to make you look pretty.



Surely, having long layered hair style make you have thousands of hair styles in mind. Just don’t forget to trim your layer regularly to make your long layer hairstyle looks amazingly healthy.



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