Layered Hairstyles for Short Hair


By the year of 2014, short hairstyles are the most favorite haircuts and hairstyles among the holywood actresses, like Miley Cyrus for example. Her stunning blonde short pixie hairstyle had become a huge trend until this very year of 2015. It made a huge hit but it also effected other people to try on this hairstyle and change the common long or medium hairstyles to the unique short hairstyles. But shamefully, not many of them know that short hairstyles have hundreds different types like layered hairstyles for example. Not only layered hairstyles could make you look younger and fresh, it also could add a different or a brand new personality to you. Who does not want that? A different hairstyle could change you and make you new! So do you dare to try on these layered short hairstyles? If you dare then I will give you some of the example of layered hairstyles for short hair just to inspire you:


  1. Refined Layered Pixie Haircut

This Pixie hairstyle is the first layered hairstyles for short hair. It is also one ofthe most people adore these days. Why? Well, because it is so simple and very easy to maintain of course! This hairstyle was made to a perfection. Neat, trendy and beautiful as one. Then when the perfection has reached on an end, then why do the people need to argue over and over again to find a haircut that suits them?



  1. Original Layered Short Bob

Cuteness Alert! This is the modern evolution of the old bob hairstyle. Just by looking at it we can see that the cut looks so cute, chic, fashionable and of course modern. This layered short bob hairstyle is the holy inspiration for bob hairstyle fans worldwide. This kind of hairstyle is really worth to be tagged as one of the layered hairstyles for short hair.


  1. Very Short Layered Blonde Bob

Who say bob hairstyles are boring? This very short layered blonde bob is not boring at all! It looks so vibrant with its blonde color, right? So why will not you try this awesome hairstyle right now?All of the layered hairstyles for short hairmentioned here are all worth trying and all of you will never end up disappointed at all.As a conclusion, these are just a few choices of the layered hairstyles for short hair. It turns you fashionable and chic with lasting look.

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