Layered Haircuts for Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair style is balance length for hair style, this hair style with addition of layers will be able to suit any kinds of face shape whether it is for formal and informal shapes.


Choosing layered haircuts for shoulder length hair is depend on the texture of the hair because different hairstyles with layers look fabulous on different hair textures. In case you have thick hair then shoulder length haircuts with layers that are longer on the top will helps weighing down and smoothing out hair. Meanwhile, if you have fine texture hair, you can add the layers around your shoulder length hair style to help add some volume to the fine hair. In the other side, simple layered cut that is shaped to frame the face will look fabulous for thick and straight hair.


Here are some layered haircuts for shoulder length hair for different hairstyle that you can try;

The first one is the layered haircuts where you cut hair with flow-y layers and add a fringe (for wide foreheads) or part it with waves, ringlets, or curls at the end. The curly hair will looks awesome in this layered haircuts for shoulder length. For those who have straight hair, this kind of layer will also looks good on your shoulder length hairstyle not only to accentuate layers but also to add volume and depth to the overall cut.



Another layered haircuts for shoulder length hair is the medium bob. Simply add a fringe and infuse the medium length hair with long layers. On the other hand, adding some very light layers will add to its fullness. What you have to do is just cut the layers at the bottom two inches of hair and create a flip style.


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