Lady Gaga Hairstyles Evolution

Known for her hits like Telephone, Just Dance, or Born This Way in the past years on every popular American radio station, Lady Gaga is an insanely brilliant songwriter with her often-changing weird wardrobe and hair colors. She’s full of all the glitter and glam including her fantastic hairstyle. See Lady Gaga hairstyles evolution. You might read Lady Gaga’s hairs to understand her senses. She has hairstyle for every phase. Find out which Gaga phase is the best from this list.

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Brunette Stefani

Lady Gaga is not her real name including the hairstyle. Lady Gaga hairstyles are naturally brunette with the real name of Stefani Germanotta. Dropped out of NYU to trail music dreams, she worked at the NYC coffeehouse and then ended up forming a glam-rock go-go-dance duo with Lady Starlight. That is where she got the disco-ball bra and spandex leotards for weird costumes, but with still super plain hair.

lady gaga craziest hairstyleslady gaga crazy hairstyles

The Fame

Lady Gaga hairstyles were then turned into the blunt-fringed, bleach-blonde, stick-straight hairdo from the soft brunette tresses after she changed her name Lady Gaga and first release pop album, The Fame, in 2008. She really shows everyone how to just style hair in general. You can make hair cooler by adding accessory to hair beyond comprehension such as the hair bow coming from chopped someone else’s hair that matches yours. Or try a hat that comes from a hair disc. Gaga hairstyles also involved trends that matched like-minded ensembles like origami shapes and Grace Jones head scarf.

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Pink and Purple

Lady Gaga hairstyles were not only being some blonde. Her taste is not just a square Barbie hair. She sported a purple and pink phase hair to give her fans a look of chameleon ways. She is in harmony with the hair chalk trend that comes from the Coachella beach lady area with the locks of a unicorn girl. she start letting people know she’s going to make a very rewarding living from her look without the look of delicate My Little Pony costume. She started changing her hairstyle and color daily matching with the art track of her pop songs and music videos.

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The Monster

In 2009, Lady Gaga hairstyles returned to her platinum bleach shade but turn into a 80s blunt shag instead of the heavily middle-schooler flat-ironed steez, with the release of The Fame Monster album. She sported a bowl cut in classically dorky Alejandro that is surprisingly works with her harness, pale lingerie.