Katy Perry Hair Colors That She Has Rocked

Katy Perry’s new red hair color is inspired by the Muppet but previously there are some shades the pop princess has worn. Some of the shades the confident cartoon queen has worn include green, pink, blue and purple, inspiring abundantly of copy cut color try out for fans. People still remember how her black to blonde transformation didn’t quite work out. Daniel Moon, hairdresser for many superstars has made many of her most outrageous looks. Here are Katy Perry hair colorsthat she has rocked for over these years.

katy perry katy perry hair black (2)

Animal Red

The latest Katy Perry hair colorisupdate with red dip-dyed ends enthused by character from the Muppets. It is styled in contrasting colored buns that are cool on its own.

katy perry hair 2014 katy perry hair bow

Nice and Natural Black

Katy Perry hair colorisnaturally blonde but we mostly see her in this glossy black shade. This shade exudes vintage glamour and always looks super glossy and seamlessly coiffed similar to jet-haired vintage celebrity, Dita von Teese.

The Temporary Option

Sometimes it’s easier to fake Katy Perry hair colorwith extensions as she doesn’t always depend on professional color to get the look. Make a hasty and easy change with pastel-hued clip-ins which might be a well option for a color chameleon like Katy Perry. See how good it looks on her.

katy perry hair bow katy perry hair color natural

Blonde Bombshell

Has been years of coloring her hair black, blonde is Katy Perry hair natural color, so it wasn’t easy to acquire back her natural hair. We all know that feeling but fans prefer the black rather than back to her blonde roots.

The Blue Rinse

When going for a bold shade, Katy Perry hair color doesn’t always get faked such as this blue beehive hair. She makes it look perfectly fashionable even it seem like a little Marge Simpson of sort.

The Life Aquatic

It doesn’t sound obviously choice of colors to wear green, Blue, and purple together but Katy Perry hair color is pulled off with her crummy, cartoonish style. It makes for a great show look with faux pony and a plaited base which make her do less washing when she later got slimed.

katy-perry-8katy perry haircut

Peach Fuzz

Katy Perry hair color is a pastel peach shade between her pink and blonde shades. This lenient hue is still extremely cool even though it’s not as bold as numerous of her color picks.

Oscar the Grouch

One of latest Katy Perry hair color choices is Slime-green and it’s one that she’s succeeded to make work although it’s not the most noticeable selection.