Johnny Depp Hairstyles , The Various Inspirations

Johnny Depp hairstyles have been the inspirations for the carefree and flexible style for men for years – and there is no way that he is going to stop now. From the gypsy-look-alike long dreadlocks in Pirates of the Caribbean to the short and wispy short style in 21 Jump Street, Depp has been settling a hair trend among those with carefree spirit. And if you want to imitate one of his hairstyles, there are some options to choose.

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Johnny Depp Hairstyles: The Short Ones

If you remember his bad-boy and free wispy short hair from 21 Jump Street back then, you certainly know how he began his journey as a heartthrob. Back then, he cut his style in a sleek shaved cut on the back with thicker upper area where the hair is pulled backward in wispy tendrils. The effect was falling and carefree hairstyle – the type that badboy liked. Back in the 90s, these Johnny Depp hairstyles have been quite popular where every boys would love to look like him – well, at least they tried.

Johnny Depp Hairstyles


Some of his styles recently have been sporting the same styles but with different arrangements. Depp’s hair tends to fall in tendrils and setting it apart will be easy. In some of his movies, he cut the back short while keeping the upper and bangs area long. But instead of pulling the bangs backward, he let it loose and set it in the central parting. It creates a thicker effect, perfect for those with fair and thin hair texture. Although he has cut his hair pretty short in some of the movies – one of them is the short spiky look – he seems to prefer the rather long and shaggy styles.

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Johnny Depp Hairstyles: The Long Cuts

His style in Edward Scissorshand is quite legendary. With long, messy, and bushy effect, he managed to portray Edward in the most flawless manner. But one of the most iconic styles is the one as Captain Jack Sparrow, with his long dreadlock and twist. Sporting a style like a gypsy, he has made an epic and memorable appearance. Do you want to try these Johnny Depp hairstyles?

Johnny Depp Hairstyles


If you want to sport one of his hairstyles, you may need to use some of hair products like wax or gels to maintain the shape and the volume. But be sure that Johnny Depp hairstyles are pretty simple and yet highly good looking.

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