Jennifer Lawrence Short Hair, The Stylish Ideas

When it comes to different styles and look, Jennifer Lawrence short hair can be a great inspiration. The Hunger Games star has done an excellent and effortless job in making sure that she looks somewhat elegant, playful, fun, and gorgeous without a fuss. And although not everyone was happy with her short cut at first, she managed to show them that it is worth the style – not to mention flexible too. You don’t believe that there are tons of stylish ways to look great with such a cute pixie short cut.

jennifer lawrence short hair bob

Jennifer Lawrence Short Hair: The Slick Style

There have been several events when Lawrence was able to look super great in slick hair style. Try these Jennifer Lawrence short hair inspirations to the next level and see how you like it. The first one is parted and voluminous. This is when you can keep it slick but away from your face in a slick back manner. And pair it up with a deep side part, and you just look gorgeous.

jennifer lawrence short haircut

Another alternative is to have a toned down style where you can keep the hair smooth and straight. It is still done in a slick manner, but keep the hair framing the face. Instead of combing the hair backward, you can comb it down to the sides. It is elegant and feminine – make sure that your hair is healthy, though.


Jennifer Lawrence Short Hair: The Casual

These Jennifer Lawrence short hair examples can also be styled in the carefree and casual manner. If you aren’t into the hair styling products, you can always keep it casual with the casual boyish and rather messy look. It is easy to achieve such a look – you only need to comb it like a regular, have a quick shake with your hands, and voila! You have such a great look.

jennifer lawrence short hair 2017

If you aren’t afraid to make some actions, you can always styled in up in the wild and carefree manner. By using a hair wax, you can spike the front side (the bangs area) up and achieved the tousled and windswept effect. It has some of the punk feel, really.


Adding waves is also doable for such a style. Yes, you can wave such a short hair cut. Simply add some waves, comb the hair backward, have the bangs away from your face, and you can sport such a good style. Who says Jennifer Lawrence short hair doesn’t inspire at all?jennifer lawrence short hairstyles